Hlpy - AlwaysBeta


Rethinking roadside assistance for the digital age.



The challenge

Bringing to life the founders’ vision for a new startup in the insurtech world.

Our mission

Hlpy approached AlwaysBeta with a simple yet challenging vision: to provide any driver with a new kind of roadside assistance through a simple and intuitive mobile experience.

Who is Hlpy?

When motorists have problems with their car and contact their insurance company, they rarely have a pleasant and reassuring experience, whether through long phone calls, uncooperative customer support or lack of transparency regarding time and costs, as well as no means of providing feedback on the service received.

Hlpy serves this market offering a solution that reduces costs for insurance companies, provides greater efficiency for rescue operators and, of course, a better experience for end users.

What we have done

We worked with the company to explore their ideas for three digital products: a mobile app for emergency responders and their teams; a dashboard to give a complete overview of their response metrics; and a mobile-first form for drivers that is easily accessible from any device and allows them to quickly and securely provide all the data needed to get assistance.


We started the project by conducting a series of interviews in order to map the journey of the parties involved, especially end-users and responders.
This also made it possible for us, the company’s founders and the technology partners to be more attuned to each other and to create the first wireframes for the mobile app, the heart of the Hlpy ecosystem.

Design System

The products are designed so that they can be customized according to the different guidelines of Hlpy’s partners, such as insurance companies and automotive brands. At the same time, we equipped Hlpy with a design system that would speed up the development time, while maintaining a consistent visual language and identity across the multiple products launched.

UI Design

We worked on Hlpy’s UI to enable it to communicate its technological DNA and position itself in the market as a “disruptive” player.
This is why we decided to move away from the established visual languages of those working in the insurance world, using bright colours, unusual geometric shapes and clear calls-to-action, thus providing a modern adn highly innovative image.

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