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Capturing, Organizing, and Sharing Visual Inspiration for Creative Professionals



The challenge

In the fast-paced world of creative professionals, the need to capture, organize, and share visual references and inspiration efficiently is paramount. However, many existing solutions fall short, lacking the necessary features, collaboration capabilities, and intuitive user experience. Recognizing this challenge, our team at AlwaysBeta took on the task of revolutionizing the way creative professionals save and access their visual inspiration with a groundbreaking project called Boardflow

Client Background

Boardflow was developed in collaboration with a diverse range of creative professionals, including digital agencies, branding studios, fashion firms, UX/UI experts, interior and architecture designers, and marketing departments. These visionary individuals and teams required a centralized platform that could streamline their workflow and provide a private and collaborative space to collect, organize, and share visual references seamlessly.

Our mission

From the outset of the Boardflow project, our primary focus was to understand the unique needs of creative professionals worldwide. We aimed to create the perfect user experience that would enhance their workflow, facilitate efficient data management, and elevate the way they saved and accessed visual inspiration.

Partnership with Boardflow

Our collaboration aimed to harness the power of design and usability, shaping a product that would redefine how creative professionals interact with their visual references.

User Interviews

To ensure that our solution aligned perfectly with the needs of creative professionals, we conducted comprehensive user interviews. By engaging with individuals from various industries, we gained valuable insights into their pain points, preferences, and desired features. These interviews served as the foundation for our design process, guiding us towards a user-centric solution.


Armed with a deep understanding of Boardflow’s target audience and their unique requirements, we began crafting low-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes allowed us to visualize the product’s structure, flow, and key interactions, ensuring that we were in sync with the vision of Boardflow’s management team.

Service Blueprint

Recognizing the diverse range of stakeholders involved, we developed a service blueprint to map out the main touchpoints and behind-the-scenes activities. This blueprint served as a crucial communication tool, fostering alignment between our design team and Boardflow’s stakeholders.

UI Design

With a solid foundation in place, we transitioned to the creation of high-fidelity wireframes, transforming our vision into a visually stunning and intuitive user interface. Collaborating closely with renowned designer Antonello Falcone, we crafted a modern and distinctive visual language that resonated with Boardflow’s target audience.

Iterations and Refinement

Throughout the design process, we engaged in iterative feedback sessions and user testing, ensuring that the final user experience met and exceeded the expectations of creative professionals. We meticulously refined and polished every aspect of Boardflow, ensuring that it offered an intuitive and seamless workflow for capturing, organizing, and sharing visual inspiration.


Thanks to our partnership with Boardflow, we successfully created a powerful and user-centric solution that empowers creative professionals worldwide. By capturing screenshots, images, crops, and full pages, Boardflow revolutionizes the way visual inspiration is saved, organized, and shared. With its private and collaborative space, it has become an indispensable tool for digital agencies, branding studios, fashion firms, UX/UI experts, interior and architecture designers, and marketing departments. Boardflow sets a new standard for excellence in the world of visual inspiration, streamlining workflows and empowering creative professionals to unleash their full potential.

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